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Securing your bike has never been easy with Bikeregistryph
Follow these simple steps to get your bike secured.

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Sign up and add your bikes to our database, increasing your chance of recovering that sweet sweet ride of yours.

Register Bike

Join our growing list of bike entries. You can register as many bikes as you want to add or change bike components anytime for FREE.

Tag It

Bikeregistryph Security Tag is a unique identification tag for your registered bike. It will also act as a safeguard from thieves to keep them off your bike.
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How can Bikeregistryph help you?

With our main objective of ending bike theft,
Here are also some things Bikeregistryph can help you.

Help Recover Stolen Bikes

We all know that losing our two wheels is hard for us cyclist. With the help of Bikeregistryph community, we can help you reunite with your beloved ride.

Planning to Buy a SecondHand Bike

Before buying a used bike with your hard earned cash, have a peace of mind and check with Bikeregistryph to see if the bike is reported stolen.

Unique Security Tags for your Bike

Bikeregistryph unique Security tag acts as your first defense from bike thieves. Knowing that your bike is registered with us thieves will have a hard time selling your bikes to others.

Alert the Community

With the Bikeregistryph community at your back, you have a better chance of finding your missing bikes.

Recently Listed Stolen Bikes

Help our fellow cyclists recover their beloved bikes. Here are some of the recently reported missing bikes.